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Online roulette is one of the most attractive casino games because it offers you great winning odds and lucrative payouts.


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Craps is one of the famous casino games supplied via online casinos. A huge part of online casino earning comes from craps.
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Poker is also a very popular casino games and there are different ways to play poker online. Visit this link and learn more!

Netent Casino

Netent is also known as Net Entertainment and is recognized worldwide as one of the most important and influential gaming software developers when it comes to online platforms. The company is directly related to the development, invention and manufacture of games that are specially created for casinos, many of them are developed in an original way, that is, they are part of this brand, for this and for the quality of their games, is that it manages to stay in the market being one of the most competitive developers.

Netent is a registered trademark in Sweden and operates from there for the whole world, currently it has managed to grow so much that it has around 250 workers who are dedicated to different areas in order to get innovative and interesting products. Netent offers interesting advantages with respect to the design and development of games that are intended to work live. That is why he has placed his bets on offering an excellent experience in which players can feel as if they were in a real casino.

The live game then offered by this developer, are then based on thinking of those who are the favourites of people and have a greater number of affluence, this way people who usually bet can feel like in a real space without having to leave the comfort of the house. It is also important to consider that Netent thought about offering a live dealer also to guarantee more the right and realistic environment, which allows players to feel more motivated to play. The dealers are real people mostly attractive women who put more zest to the game, all this is possible to demonstrate playing a demo or test that the online casinos that have this developer offer so that people can try the game.

One of the aspects that make this developer so special is that the casinos that usually offer their games, also offer a series of game bonuses that are the perfect excuse to attract more customers, we are going to mention some of the most important ones:

• Bonus per deposit: deposit bonuses are one of the most common and it is also essential. When we open an account in a casino and make our first deposit then we can count on this bonus that can be redeemed for different concepts that each casino can define. It is usually a bonus to play in a certain game or is a promotion or a promotion for a limited time. They are usually not bonds with a high amount or value.

• Bonus for welcome: another of the bonuses that we can find in the casinos that operate with Netent is without a doubt this. This is the kind of bonus that you can never miss this is because all people who open a first time account in the casino, receive this prize so they can play and bet on the games developed by Netent. The ideal of these bonds is to be attractive to new customers.

• Bonuses for free spins: as indicated by his name is the type of bonus offered so that people can have turns in games created by Netent that have no cost to players. These turns are not discounted from the current balance and are perfect to achieve greater luck to get extra money.