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Microgaming Casinos Bonuses

The first of the important things to keep an eye on when choosing an online casino is the software producer. This is to make sure you play in a safe and risk-free casino; in fact there may be unpleasant connection problems with some program developers. So when it comes to software developers you can be sure that Microgaming is one of the best if not the best program provider in this industry. The number of years they have provided hundreds of online casinos with their services is already a valid proof of their reputation.

There are many Microgaming casinos out there to choose from, so choose the bonuses they offer well. It is good to know the bonuses available to be able to benefit at the time of playing on the casino itself, and therefore be able to use free cash bonuses or free spins that can be obtained at the time of registration and the first deposit or even be chosen as a lucky player of the day.

Registration Bonuses

Of course the sign up bonus is a bonus that all casinos offer. This is a bonus that everyone will get once they have registered and deposited the funds for the first time.

So there are Microgaming casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. This means that you do not need to deposit money when you register to get the bonus, but only to create an online account on the chosen site. The no deposit bonuses depend on the casino you have chosen, some give $ 10 or $ 30 of money to play for free.

There is also a match up bonus, so you will need to register, creating a real account, deposit money and after that the Microgaming casino will offer you a percentage bonus based on the offer of the specific site. It is possible to get 100% or 200% bonuses on the first deposit. So let's say that for example you deposit $ 100 the casino offers a 100% bonus so the sum on your account will be $ 200.

Reload, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses

There are many bonuses to choose from in Microgaming casinos every week and every month. To get them, just make a deposit on a certain day of the week or a certain week of the month. For example if you make a deposit on Thursday you will have the advantage of the weekly bonus and it could be 10% of the deposit you make that day or even more. The amount of the bonus always depends on the casino. The same explanation is to be given for monthly bonuses. On the other hand, the reload bonuses are simply bonuses that you get every time you deposit or top up your account.

The Bonus Presents a Friend

This is a very popular bonus, although not all Microgaming casinos offer it. To get this bonus you have to create an account, and deposit money. Once this is done you will have to convince your friend to register on the same Microgaming site of which you are a member. If you register the casino will offer you a percentage of your friend's initial deposit as a bonus. Some casinos give 20% of the initial deposit, others 25%. The percentage depends on the Microgaming casino you have chosen and can change without notification to the players.

The Loyalty Program

This is not a real bonus, but the benefits you can get by joining a Microgmaing casino loyalty program could be one of the biggest bonuses you will receive. When you become a member of a loyalty program, you earn points. These can be called loyalty points or comp points, depending on the casino, when you accumulate enough points you can exchange them for items in the online casino store or for free spins in some games or for money for example.